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Brent Angeline

A pioneering inventor, technical writer, software engineer, and “DevOps” web developer + systems administrator in Endwell, NY, Brent Angeline has always had passions for cinema, computer graphics, concepts/ideas, science fiction, special effects, stories, television, and writing. He enjoys astronomy, binge-watching series, conquering video games, cosmology, divination/fortune-telling, drawing, the Internet, juggling, Photoshop, and speed-solving the Rubik’s Cube.

His first writing work outside of his 2005 US Patent for “The Cloud” as we’ve come to know it – “US 7890574: Internet Operating System” – Brent Angeline’s feature-length screenplay MOMENTUM further champions his far-seeing vision as a futurist – with the script already placing in four screenwriting competitions internationally.


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Writer Statement

“Having grown up in the Greater Binghamton area of Upstate New York, hometown of Rod Serling (and the Binghamton area being the actual, physical ‘Twilight Zone’ of which Rod spoke), the script for MOMENTUM is my love letter to science fiction.”

Cloud Patent

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